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Pittsburgh swim coach, Jim Skirboll, Racer X,, has always been trend setting with his teams, coaching, life & social media.

Elon Musk is following and ditching Twitter's birdie for Jim's X.

Help make the WPIAL Swimming Championship Broadcasts more interesting by providing fun facts about the swimmers is now closed until next year.

This information goes straight to Coach Mark Rauterkus, color broadcaster for the event with Trib Live High School Sports Network. Plus, a copy is mailed to the high school coach for fact checking.

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Staying in touch with High School Swimming & Diving is as easy as pie when among friends.

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A conversation with a Prior Swimmer

After witnessing a freshman set a new WPIAL record in the 100-back at the 2021 WPIAL AA Championships, I called the former record holder, a former swimmer on my team. 

Big news: At today's WPIAL Swim Meet your record in the 100-yard back was broken. A freshman named Ross is going to take your former spot in the record books. He and his brother are also in the WPIAL Basketball Playoffs.

Interested, and happy to chat, my ex-swimmer was clueless as to the fact that the WPIAL Championships Meet was happening. 

Oh, there is a meet? You mean they're swimming?

This made me sad. I had failed in keeping him engaged.

Yes, we were all swimming out of the pandemic's deep freeze in 2021. Okay. He's off the hook. But, I had done nothing but fumble our relationship with him and high school sports.

He wasn't just a former student who swam backstroke. He was the record holder. Swimming was important to him, back in the day. And now -- swimming was out of sight and out of mind.

Enough of that! I'm getting his email and we're going to fix this knowledge gap with our WPIAL Alumni Group.

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Leadership among our Alumni Group is beginning to self-identify.

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We need to stay in touch for the benefit of our economy in western Pennsylvania. We have a worker shortage and many pools have closed.

Many talented individuals might be willing to come out to help once we make it easier to stay connected. Case in point: We need more swim officials helping, and getting paid, at WPIAL Swim Meets. 


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